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Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
Check out our latest links – including Max Willens' feature about a singing "Soprano."
Check out our latest links – including Max Willens’ DNA Info feature about a singing “Soprano.”

Great to see so many new names among familiar bylines. Check out some of our latest links:

•Nesh Pillay reported on the aftermath of a multiple stabbing in Riverside Park for the West Side Spirit.

•Alessandra Malito covered a protest against plans for a mall near Citi Field. Her story made the Queens Chronicle.

•Audrey McGlinchy’s piece about the government shutdown’s impact on Lower Manhattan vendors found a home in Our Town Downtown.

•Jake Naughton produced this post about Bangladeshi photographer Munem Wasif for The New York Times’ Lens blog.

•Max Willens wrote about Uncle Junior’s latest gig for DNA Info.

•Oliver Morrison, reporting for City Limits, reported on plans to expand the CitiBike program.

•Erin Brodwin wrote about the Reverend Billy’s foray into environmental activism for The Hunts Point Express.

•Speaking of the Bronx, things are busy at the Mott Haven Herald. Ross Keith reported on a planned diabetes prevention program in danger of not getting off the ground. Jenna O’Donnell penned an article about a proposal to turn a pier into a park. Emilie Pons wrote about new public art projects.

•Antonia Massa, reporting for Voices of NY, wrote about a food and literary festival mounted by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop.

•Discover magazine published a piece that combined posts examining different aspects of the city’s recent declaration that our air is the cleanest it’s been in 50 years. Contributors include Shannon Ayala, Jesse Metzger, Priscila Ortiz, Mike Russell, Jess Scanlon and Candace Sheppard.

•The new NYC Biz News site includes stories by Anne Marie Awad, Jeannie Choi, Emily Field, Jessica Glazer, Fausto Pinto, Sophia Rosenbaum, Candace Sheppard, Linda Villarosa and Nicholas Wells.

•The latest from CUNY Sports Report includes pieces by Chris Dell, Alex Eidman, Jesse Metzger, Jonathan Moffie and John Sodaro.

•Jeanette Moses wrote about a California-based record label’s incursion into New York for Brooklyn Based.

•Casey Cipriani interviewed “Parks and Recreation” star Adam Scott for IndieWire.

•The latest on our News Service includes Jonathan Moffie and Orie Given’s piece about a new walking trail in Marcus Garvey Park. Sierra Leone Starks and Aine Pennello reported on a new holiday strategy for Macy’s. Brianne Barry and Alex Wolf teamed on a story about veterans fighting for benefits.

•The latest from The Nabe includes posts by, among others, Rebecca Bratek, Daniel Lewis, Melisa Stumpf and Amanda Woods.


Some offerings from our Alumni Corner:

• Kevin Loria’s video capturing the head chef at Betony in action made Condé Nast Traveler.

•Kerri MacDonald oversaw this International New York Times photo essay about a Hong Kong man who lives in close quarters in subdivided housing.

•Shamanth Rao edited a special edition of Live Mint, The Wall Street Journal’s India-based travel publication. The theme: travel to forests.

Congrats to all — and keep ‘em coming!