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CNN and NBC News/MSNBC to Train Students for Industry Leadership Roles

  • By Amy Dunkin

Eight students from the Class of 2018 have been chosen to take part in the Media Leadership Project, a new mentoring program that pairs them with a small, handpicked group of executives from CNN and NBC News/MSNBC.

The goals of the 10-month pilot project are to help students envision a path to leadership roles in the journalism industry and to promote significant improvements in diversity among the top ranks of local and national news organizations.

Each mentor will provide at least one to two hours of coaching and guidance per month during the student’s final two semesters at the CUNY J-School. In addition, MLP students will spend the summer at the news organization in a specially tailored, paid internship that supports their growth in a demanding professional setting.

The students chosen for the MLP applied to the program in their first semester last fall after first being nominated by faculty and staff. 

Ideal candidates were deemed to be demonstrated leaders in and outside the classroom, exhibiting initiative, curiosity, team-building skills, direction and tenacity, as well as strong journalism skills. 

The four MLP students working at CNN this year are Estephani Cano, Talib Visram, Shelby Boamah and Samantha Maldonado. NBC News/MSNBC will host Willa Rubin, Kalen Goodluck, Reynaldo Leanos and Avi Scher.