Academic Assessment

The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism regularly applies evidence-based decision making to assess the effectiveness of its academic programs, student services, and administrative support.  The goal is to ensure that our planning and resources lead to student success as measured by achievement of learning goals and ultimate employment in the field of journalism.

  1. School outcomes
    1. Outcomes checklist
    2. M.A in Journalism
    3. M. A. in Engagement Journalism
  2. Student surveys 
    1. Summer internship survey
    2. Graduate exit survey
  3. Academic Program Review
  4. School stats
    1. Graduation and retention rates
    2. Demographics of school
    3. Class profiles by degree
  5. Accreditation materials
    1. Middle States
    2. ACEJMC: 2019-2020 Self Study
  6. Strategic Plan