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Entrepreneurial Journalism Education

We believe journalism’s future will be shaped by entrepreneurs who develop new business models and innovative products and services. Some will build startup news organizations, while others will develop disruptive projects within large media companies.

Students pursuing the M.A. in Entrepreneurial Journalism study the fundamentals of reporting, writing, and multimedia for three semesters and in their fourth semester, join certificate candidates in the comprehensive entrepreneurial journalism course of study.

The one-semester Advanced Certificate program focuses on entrepreneurial skills, innovative approaches to journalism, business fundamentals, and new business models for news.

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M.A. in Social Journalism

Social journalism is all about finding new ways to serve communities. Our Social Journalism M.A. students focus on the skills that are crucial for journalism today: engagement, social video, audience growth, social newsgathering and verification, data, analytics, social media tools, design thinking, product development, and more.

Check out alumni profiles, student projects and information about collaborations with organizations like ProPublica and The Guardian.

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Communities of Practice

Tow-Knight supports ongoing professional communities of practice for the new disciplines that are key to journalism’s future. We’ve seen from our own experience that one-off events and reports can accomplish only so much. From our contacts in the industry and research we conducted on the skills needed by news companies today, we seen that many new job titles have emerged — among them, product development, audience development, social media management, live video production, virtual reality production and internationalization. Tow-Knight works with journalists and researchers to produce research reports that share best practices and news industry surveys.

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News Integrity Initiative

The News Integrity Initiative supports efforts to connect journalists, technologists, academic institutions, non-profits, and other organizations from around the world to foster informed and engaged communities; combat media manipulation; and promote inclusive, constructive, and respectful civic discourse. The NII was seeded with $14 million in grants from a coalition of partners, which include Facebook, Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund, Ford Foundation, AppNexus, Knight Foundation, Tow Foundation, Betaworks, Mozilla, and Democracy Fund.

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Fellows share their experiences developing startup ventures at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York.

Social Journalism should be about providing a service, said program director Carrie Brown. It is first and foremost about listening, whether communities are brought together by geography or shared interests.

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