Covering Identity / Reportería sobre Temas de Identidad

Course Details

With the U.S. growing more diverse and Latinos surging in population growth and political and cultural influence, this community is still largely ignored or misunderstood by much of the mainstream media coverage. This course explores the complexity of identity (or identities), and how journalism participates in the global conversations about equity and justice. Through readings and discussions, this course tackles Latino identity from an intersectional perspective examining racism, colorism, mixed-race, nationality, migration, language, class, and gender while analyzing journalism’s and the journalist’s role in perpetuating or dismantling various forms of marginalization. Each student works on a long-form story throughout the semester, putting into practice techniques to report on Latinx and marginalized communities.

Only students fluent in Spanish are allowed to register for this course, during which, if they choose, they can develop their capstone project.