Course Details

Photo is awesome. From the single, social media image to high-end reportage, photojournalism is a powerful tool for communicating ideas across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Despite technologies that in recent years have transformed how news photography is produced, distributed and consumed, the strength of the still image remains undiminished. In fact, the market for stories communicated visually has never been stronger. This is an introductory course for students who want to take better photos to accompany other media, as well as students who want to pursue photo more exclusively. Instruction will progress from basic camera operation and the news “one shot” to more comprehensive visual storytelling. Students enrolled in the course can check out a Canon D70 dSLRs for the entire semester (those who have equivalent cameras of their own are encouraged to use them), students will learn how to shoot portraits, cover news events and produce photo essays. The course will also teach post-production skills (Adobe Photoshop) and address how to present photos to editors and news outlets.