Darlie Gervais

  1. Advertising Boost Initiative Manager, Center for Community Media

Darlie Gervais is the advertising spending manager for the Center for Community Media, where she serves as a resource for community outlets in New York City on receiving advertising from the City’s agencies.

Gervais is a former journalist and communications and media manager with a global perspective and has extensive experience in women and gender issues. After a career in TV and radio in Haiti, she moved to the United States and helped launch the Haitian Times, one of the oldest New York-based English-language publications serving the Haitian diaspora.

She spent 12 years as a newsroom manager, editor in chief, and later as general manager of the Haitian Times newspaper and covered the Haitian community over that period. Tasked with overseeing the editorial direction of the publication, she built strong partnerships with leaders in the community to achieve common goals.

In Haiti, she served as communications director for the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, where she co-anchored a weekly radio program on women’s issues. Gervais has also investigated and documented cases of women’s human rights violations during the 1991 coup in Haiti. She created and led the first national campaign designed to empower and encourage women to assume positions of leadership in politics.