Kyle Plantz

  1. Senior Program Manager, J+

Kyle Plantz is senior program manager for the J+ professional development team at the Newmark J-School.

Kyle previously served as a program assistant with the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), where he oversaw member management and organizational partnerships and helped with programming for various initiatives like U.S. Media Literacy Week.

He started his career as a political reporter covering the 2016 elections in New Hampshire. He then went to Science News magazine where he served as the editorial assistant. While there, Kyle helped experiment with ways to build reader trust and worked on bringing the magazine and related educational resources to high schools across the United States.

As a journalist, Kyle is passionate about the intersection of journalism and education and how he can work with others on addressing the challenges relating to trust and truth in the digital age. He is also a solutions specialist with the Solutions Journalism Network, where he reviews and vets climate, environment, and agriculture stories to be added to the nonprofit’s database of rigorous and evidence-based reporting on responses to social problems.

Previously, he was a journalism mentor for the nonprofit Paper Airplanes, where he worked with students who come from conflict-affected regions around the world to understand the foundations of journalism, ethics, and freedom of the press. He has also been a conference coordinator for The Power of Narrative conference at Boston University, which helps narrative journalists learn more about their craft.

His work has appeared in such publications as The Boston Globe, The Hill, USA Today, and Reuters.

Kyle has a B.S. in Journalism from the College of Communication at Boston University with minors in History and Political Science.

Kyle Plantz’s pronouns are he, him, his.