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Advanced Certificate: Visit our How to Apply page . You can also fill out the Request for Information form. Minimum requirements include a college degree; English fluency; and a tolerance for risk, uncertainty, and occasional failure. We thrive on diversity and consider all applicants on the basis of their individual strengths.

M.A. Program: To start the process of applying for the M.A. in Entrepreneurial Journalism degree, visit our How to Apply page .

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Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurial Journalism

The advanced certificate program takes place over one semester and is geared towards mid-career professionals or recent graduates. Because the program lasts only four months, it serves as a shorter alternative to a full M.A. degree.

Each participant develops a startup journalism venture while taking five core classes: Business Fundamentals, Entrepreneurial Skills, New Business Incubation, Media Innovation Fieldwork and New Business Models for News.

Among the highlights of the program are weekly guest sessions with leading startup founders, CEOs, and experts from top companies in the New York City media and tech ecosystem. We also make weekly visits to startups and innovation hubs that have included Google, Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, Buzzfeed, IDEO, and The New York Times.


All entrepreneurial students take the same five courses.

Spring Semester
Fundamentals of Business for Entrepreneurial Journalists
New Business Models for News
Entrepreneurial Skills for Journalists
New Business Incubation
Media Innovation Fieldwork

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M.A. in Entrepreneurial Journalism

If you’re interested in earning an M.A. in Entrepreneurial Journalism, you start by applying to the M.A. in Journalism program. For the first three semesters, you follow the same regular journalism curriculum, then you continue on for a fourth semester to develop a startup venture while taking five specialized entrepreneurial classes.

You will also participate in regular guest sessions with leading CEOs and experts and visit startups and innovation hubs that have included Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, Buzzfeed, IDEO, NYTimes.com, and McKinsey.


All entrepreneurial students follow the same curriculum in the first and fourth semesters. In the second and third semesters, they choose from a wide range of school electives.

Semester I  (Fall)
*Craft of Journalism I
*Legal and Ethical Issues
* Fundamentals of Multimedia Storytelling: Radio & TV
*Fundamentals of Multimedia Storytelling: Interactive Journalism

Semester 2  (Spring)
*Craft of Journalism II or Craft II – Broadcast
Three Electives

Summer Internship

Semester 3 (Fall)
Four Electives

Semester 4 (Spring)
Fundamentals of Business for Entrepreneurial Journalists
New Business Models for News
Entrepreneurial Skills for Journalists
New Business Incubation
Media Innovation Fieldwork

*Required courses

Startup Launchpad

Since introducing the entrepreneurial program in 2010, we have helped launch more than 100 startup projects.


Learn the skills that will get you hired, guaranteed

How India Lives

A database and search engine for public data in India


Human stories, boldly told

NK News

North Korea news, opinion, culture & curiosities

Efecto Cocuyo

Journalism that illuminates Venezuela

Coda Story

Creating single-topic platforms for crisis storytelling

The Edge Group Logo

The Edge Group

Intelligent industry news curated for business leaders


The network for independent podcasts in Spanish

Emerging Market Views

Insightful coverage of the world’s emerging markets

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A tool to create 360 stories easily and fast

Meet Our Entrepreneurial Journalism Alumni

Linda Rath-Wiggins is the co-founder and CEO of Vragments, a Berlin-based VR startup that creates VR experiences in collaboration with newsrooms.

Romina Mella is senior investigative reporter and founding member of IDL-Reporteros, the first digital, non-profit media outlet in Peru wholly dedicated to investigative journalism.

Brandon Sugiyama set out to develop motion graphics resources for journalists, news organizations and documentary filmmakers to empower them to create engaging visual storytelling.

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