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Interactive Journalism

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News web sites too often turn to formulaic digital storytelling, but here at the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, we train students to use computer programming to convey the news in unique and customized ways.

Students train to gather information and to build news web applications (or news apps) using programming languages like JavaScript. But it’s not all about the technical aspects of coding — students hone their editorial judgement on how best to use programming to allow viewers to explore and understand the complexity of the issues or to see where they personally fit into the news.

Nearly all students arrive at school with no prior programming experience. Over three semester, however, they acquire the necessary skills to find themselves at the exciting intersection of coding, information design and customized narratives.

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We swim in a world of data – from election results, budgets, and census reports, to Facebook updates and image and video uploads. Journalists need to know how to find stories in data and shape them in compelling ways. It’s good storytelling and it’s good business as legacy media and startup news organizations are actively hiring data storytellers.

At the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, students can specialize in data journalism by taking electives that teach you how to gather and analyze data to find stories and to visualize them as interactive narratives. If you complete the series of progressively more complex electives, you will be well-positioned to succeed in this fast-growing discipline which is at the crossroads of storytelling, statistical analysis and interactive design.

Student Work

Close up of shadowy figure holding a cigarette in the dark by a window
Up in Smoke

New York is the cigarette smuggling capital of the United States, but how much is your habit costing the State?

Battling Pain Without Opiates

Patients turning to acupuncture and cannabis to treat chronic pain.

Graphs of body icons depicting number of seniors living in poverty in different neighborhoods of New York City.
Where NYC Seniors Live In Poverty

See which neighborhoods have the most seniors living in poverty, and which have the fewest.

Overcrowding Strains Subway

Trains delays piling up as ridership has ballooned over the decade.

Women on Top

Porn’s increasingly female audience is reshaping the industry.

Meet Trump’s Millionaires

The richest president in history with the richest staff ever and their potential conflict of interest.

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Sandeep Junnarkar
Director of Interactive Journalism