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The Career Services office at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY is committed to connecting employers with the school’s graduate-level talent.

We are happy to work with your organization to recruit, build a presence on campus, and introduce you to our gifted students and alumni. 

Posting a Job

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Even though our degree is a Master of Arts in Journalism, we received our STEM designation, 09.0702: Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia, because our curricula emphasizes journalism technologies, data and coding for all students. 

All students in our programs study issues related to digital communications, including ethics, law, regulation, policy, as well as emerging trends and issues. 

All students also produce digital communication products using audio, video, computer applications and direct coding.

STEM-designated degree programs offer an important benefit: they allow international students graduating from U.S. institutions to extend their Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT is a crucial phase where recent graduates can gain valuable work experience. By participating in a STEM program, students can apply for an additional 24 months on top of the standard 12-month OPT period, totaling up to 36 months. This extended period empowers international students to accumulate significant work experience in the United States, enhancing their prospects for future success in their chosen fields.


Career Fairs and Networking Events

The Career Services office at the Newmark J-School hosts numerous events throughout the year to give employers and professionals the opportunity to meet current M.A. in Journalism and M.A. in Engagement Journalism students and recent graduates. 

Networking & Career Fair: This is our premier recruiting event, typically held in late October, where you can connect with our students, soon-to-be graduates, and alumni for internships, fellowships, jobs, and freelance opportunities. Stay tuned for information about fall 2024’s fair. If you have any questions about the fair, feel free to email

Summer Internship Fair: Meet graduate students eager to learn about your summer internships, right here on our campus. This event is especially for our Newmark J-Corps Summer Internship Partners. Stay tuned for information about the Spring 2025 Summer Internship Fair.

Information Sessions: Schedule a lunchtime information session about your organization and opportunities on your teams, including internship and entry-level rotational programs. Career Services will work with you to reserve space on campus or arrange a virtual session. Companies are accommodated based on availability of time on the school’s academic calendar, as well as space availability on campus. Priority is given to companies hosting recruiting opportunities. For more information, contact us at

Exclusive Partnerships 

Every year students have the opportunity to apply for a range of exclusive summer internships and paid postgraduate fellowships. To create an exclusive internship or fellowship with our school, contact Among our current opportunities:

Media Leadership Project

This is a unique partnership designed to help students envision a path to leadership roles in journalism and promote significant improvements in diversity among the top ranks of news organizations by providing a paid summer internship, networking and mentorship to a select group of Newmark J-School students. CNN, CoinDesk, NBC, and The Real Deal have been among our MLP partners.

Newmark J-Corps Summer Internships

The Newmark J-School partners with employers to create exclusive internships for our talented graduate students in newsrooms across the country and abroad.

Payments and Stipends
News organizations agree to pay each intern a minimum of $16.00 per hour for 280 hours. The three-credit internship is graded pass/fail based on employer evaluations and student reports on their experiences. Non-profit news organizations that are unable to fully support a paid intern may apply to our stipend match program. To partner with us to create a Newmark J-Corps internship position in your newsroom, fill out this brief form.

Stipend Match

The Newmark J-School is offering a 1:1 stipend match to connect non-profit and community media organizations that cannot fully support a paid intern with its J-Corps Summer Interns. If your organization is accepted into the program, the Newmark J-School will match your $2,100 contribution 1:1. Each intern you select will work for 280 hours, receive a $4,200 stipend, and earn three credits towards their master’s degree.

That money is passed on to our students interning each summer; the J-School doesn’t retain any of it. Your contribution to this impact-focused solution helps guarantee equitable, paid summer internships to all of our students—60% of whom identify as being from an underrepresented group—and fosters diversity in the media industry.

Deadline to apply is January 5. You can find the application here.

Post-graduate Opportunities

We partner with media organizations like The Marshall Project and PBS/FRONTLINE to create paid post-graduate fellowships.


About our Students

Trained to listen to diverse voices, build relationships with underrepresented communities, and cover their stories with cultural sensitivity, our interns are uniquely qualified to help steer the future of newsrooms across the country and world. Students come ready to work on Day One with a concentration in at least one media format — print, video, broadcast TV, documentary, photo, audio, or data journalism. Students in our Spanish-language Journalism program are bilingual and trained to cover underreported stories in Latinx communities. Our Engagement Journalism program turns out engagement reporters with skills in social news gathering and verification, listening to community, crowdsourcing, social media tools, design thinking, product development, and more.

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Director of Career Services

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Yolanda Rodriguez
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