Student and
Alumni Work

Student Feature – The Usefulness of a Memory Guides Where the Brain Saves It

For Quanta Magazine, Saugat Bolakhe, a recent graduate from the Class of 2023, explores why our brains have two different systems and locations for storing memories.  

Alumni Feature – The Territory from National Geographic

Paula Moura ’18 was part of a team that won a Peabody Award for “The Territory,” a documentary about the Amazon rainforest. Moura was a field producer for the film.

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NYCity News Service

Come here, get published: Every Newmark J-School student is also a reporter for the nationally honored NYCity News Service, a perennial winner of Editor & Publisher’s award for the best student-powered site in the US. Multimedia News Service projects— fed to news organizations in the city and beyond—have uncovered important problems in education, healthcare and the world of big business. These special reports also explore solutions. Working with top news-industry professionals, Newmark students commit journalism of the highest order.



AudioFiles is our award-winning news magazine, hosted, produced and reported by Newmark j-school students. Each hour-long show explores a different theme, and uses the sound of New York’s people and streets to create a professional, well-produced program.  AudioFiles is live-streamed as well as broadcast on several radio stations in and around New York.  AudioFiles has won more than 25 regional Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence awards since the show launched in 2012.

219 West

On this award-winning newsmagazine that airs on CUNY TV, students serve as producers, editors and anchors bringing professionally-crafted packages and in-depth interviews to millions of households in the New York metropolitan area. Whether it’s coverage of economics or immigration, artists or athletes, the richly reported, visually compelling stories on 219West offer new voices and fresh perspectives on issues that impact communities in the five boroughs and beyond.