Arts and Culture Reporting


No. The concentration is open to anyone who wants to report on or write about the arts, entertainment, or pop culture.


Student Work

Here’s a small sampling of published work generated from our Arts and Culture Reporting classes:

  • Shannon Carlin, ’11, talked to female filmmakers about their favorite films directed by women over the past decade for The Lily
  • Lenn Robbins, ’18, wrote about the death of basketball great Kobe Bryant for The New York Extra
  • Imad Khan, ‘18, wrote about the video game streaming service Twitch for The New York Times
  • Natalia Osipova , ’12, produced a video piece for The Wall Street Journal on the high-profit world of sneaker trading
  • Abbey White, ’19, revealed the back story of the 40-year-old song “YMCA” that has become an anthem for both baseball fans and the gay community for Gothamist
  • Sandra Lopez-Monsalve, ’14, produced an audio report on the salsa album “Siembra” for the Studio 360 “American Icon” series that celebrates influential works of art and entertainment.
  • Keishel Williams, ’19, profiled Jamaican-born novelist Nicole Dennis-Benn, whose novel Patsy tells the story of a black, queer immigrant woman, for the Brooklyn Eagle
  • Nicholas Martinez, ‘09, reviewed the latest album by the longtime punk rocker Henry Rollins for LaughSpin
  • Samantha Stark, ’10, produced a segment for The New York Times’ TV series The Weekly on young climate change activists
  • Joanna Fantozzi, ’12, chronicled the effect that fear of the corona virus was having on restaurants in New York City’s Chinatown for Restaurant Hospitality 

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Director of Arts and Culture Reporting