Academic Programs

The Newmark J-School offers two Master of Arts degrees: the M.A. in Journalism and M.A. in Engagement Journalism. 

The M.A. in Journalism focuses on foundational skills, including reporting, writing, editing, legal issues, and ethics. Students choose from among six subject concentrations, including arts and culture, business and economics, health and science, international, and urban reporting, as well as a unique bilingual program in English and Spanish. They also take courses in a variety of media specialties, including audio, data, documentary, investigative reporting, photography, video storytelling, and writing. 

The M.A. in Engagement Journalism was the first of its kind in the nation when it was introduced in 2015 as a master’s in social journalism. The degree program recasts journalism as a service to engage communities, focusing on audience engagement and growth, social news gathering and verification, data analytics, design thinking, and product development.

Candidates for both degrees are required to complete a summer internship. We are the only journalism school to guarantee they will be paid at least $4,000 for that work. They also benefit from the January Academy, a unique series of more than 30 enrichment workshops taught every January between the fall and spring semesters.