M.A. in Journalism

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Award-Winning Special Reports

Check out some notable multimedia projects produced by our students.

Navigating Trump

A series of interactive guides to life under the 45th president.

The Shadow Banks of the Barrio

Our team examines the shadowy world of “prestamistas” – unregulated loan operators who serve as the bank of last resort for many Latino immigrants.


Our reporters reveal how fractured treatment system leaves New York City’s mentally ill with little place to turn – sometimes with tragic consequences.


A look at immigration as the nation struggles with its identity.

Invisible Hands

A look at how undocumented immigrants shape New York City’s economy.

Stop the Mold

Our reporters teamed with the New York Daily News to expose the scourge of mold in New York City public housing.

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Sample Curriculum

All students follow the same curriculum in the first semester. In the second and third semesters, schedules will vary depending on subject concentration, media interests, and electives.

Semester I  (Fall)
*Craft of Journalism I
*Legal and Ethical Issues
* Fundamentals of Multimedia Storytelling: Audio & Video
*Fundamentals of Multimedia Storytelling: Interactive Journalism

Semester 2  (Spring)
*Craft of Journalism II: Advanced Audio, Advanced Video, Advanced Interactive, or Advanced Reporting and Writing (in English and Spanish)
One course in student’s subject concentration
Two electives, including media courses

Summer Internship

Semester 3 (Fall)
Two courses in student’s subject concentration
Two electives, including media courses

*Required courses