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No. Many of Newmark J-School’s most successful health and science alumni majored in journalism or the humanities in college.

Pauliina Siniauer at refugee restaurant

Student Work

Here’s a sampling of work that Health & Science students produced for class and later published:

  • This investigation by Lori Freshwater, ’17, into contaminated drinking water at the military base where she grew up, was Pacific Standard’s most-read story in 2018.
  • Molly Enking, ’18, revealed in PBS NewsHour the lengths to which women go to give birth naturally after a previous C-section, because doctors often consider the practice riskier than it really is.
  • NBC News published this timely story by Kaitlin Sullivan, ’18, about the risk that forest fires in the West pose to drinking water supplies.
  • Lori Freshwater, ’17, and Brett Dahlberg, ’17, wrote an expose in the Village Voice about a New York doctor who sexually abused patients.
  • Amy Mackinnon, ’18, described in Tonic an increasingly common eating disorder called diabulimia, in which people with type 1 diabetes lose weight by skipping their insulin shots, often with devastating health consequences.
  • NBC News published a story by Avi Scher, ’18, about how increased summer heat due to climate change can be especially dangerous for people on psychiatric medications.

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Emily Laber-Warren
Director of Health and Science Reporting