Arts and Culture Reporting


No. The concentration is open to anyone who wants to report on or write about the arts, entertainment, or pop culture.


Student Work

Here’s a small sampling of published work generated from our Arts and Culture Reporting classes:

  • Samantha Stark ‘10 produced and directed “Framing Britney Spears,” a New York Times video documentary that examines the media’s treatment of the pop star and her fight against the conservatorship that has given her father control over her estate.

  • Joanna Fantozzi, ’12, chronicled how a new generation of Chinese restaurant owners are redefining takeout for Restaurant Hospitality

  • Natalia Osipova ‘12, produced a video piece for CNN on the continuing activism of one of the first women to speak out about Harvey Weinstein’s sexually predatory behavior.

  • Sandra Lopez-Monsalve, ’14, produced an audio report on the salsa album “Siembra” for the Studio 360 “American Icon” series that celebrates influential works of art and entertainment.
  • Muri Assunção, ‘16, wrote about TV star Sara Ramirez’s coming out at as a non-binary actor for the New York Daily News.

  • Stefan Anderson ‘17, profiled how marketing guru Reginald Jolley incorporated a hip-hop sensibility into his advertising campaigns for The Sportsfan Journal.

  • Liz  Ramanand ‘17, surveyed Black rock and metal musicians about their experiences with racism for CoS

  • Rob Dozier ‘18, did and interview for Paper with two queer Black artists who have used Soundcloud and YouTube to reach wider audiences.

  • Moises Mendez II ‘19, reported on the growing popularity of racist videos on TikTok for The Daily Dot.

  • Abbey White ‘19, talked to Black showrunners about the challenges of showing police brutality on TV for Business Insider.

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Director of Arts and Culture Reporting Concentration