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Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program

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Those who successfully complete the program will learn to:

  1. Understand market needs and identify their niche by interviewing community members and stakeholders, and conducting market research. Graduates will be able to reflect on the desirability and feasibility of product ideas to assess their potential viability.
  2. Serve and grow an audience. Graduates will know how to apply tactics to build a product, grow a following, to market a project beyond its initial user base, and to engage with their community on an ongoing basis. 
  3. Develop a revenue portfolio by analyzing and testing potential monetization strategies for their new product or initiative. Graduates will also learn to identify tools and platforms for serving a community through  newsletters, podcasts, and digital events or platforms.
  4. Sharpen survival skills like sales and negotiation techniques, cultural competency, collaboration skills, personal finance and self-care and resiliency. Graduates will also refine their ability to present their product ideas clearly and persuasively.


Program Curriculum


Understand market needs and revenue opportunities

Product development

Grow a community and build an audience

Sharpen sustainability and survival skills

Develop a revenue portfolio

Entrepreneurial skills






Presentation and Design

Platforms and Tools

Next-Gen Reporting

Finding Funding


This is a line graph of the program's timeline. Applications for the first cohort opens on August 25, 2020 and ends on September 15, 2020. The program dates run from October 13, 2020 until January 29, 2021. The program will take a one-week holiday recess at the end of December. There will be two more cohorts in 2021: one in the spring and one in the fall.



Brandon Sugiyama set out to develop motion graphics resources for journalists, news organizations and documentary filmmakers to empower them to create engaging visual storytelling.

Romina Mella is senior investigative reporter and founding member of IDL-Reporteros, the first digital, non-profit media outlet in Peru wholly dedicated to investigative journalism.

Linda Rath-Wiggins is the co-founder and CEO of Vragments, a Berlin-based VR startup that creates VR experiences in collaboration with newsrooms.


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Jeremy CaplanJeremy Caplan
Director of Teaching and Learning, Newmark J-School
Twitter: @jeremycaplan
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